The Brawl To End It All

by Stephen Von Slagle

July 23, 1984, New York, New York

Lou Albano - Cyndi Lauper -

Lou Albano & Cyndi Lauper

Working in partnership, the World Wrestling Federation and MTV present “The Brawl To End It All,” which airs in prime time on the popular cable network. The unique TV special took place eight months prior to WrestleMania 1 and was a major event in the “Rock ‘n Wrestling Connection” storyline that involved Cyndi Lauper and was the primary focus of WrestleMania 1.

Cyndi Lauper - Wendi Richter -

Lauper & Wendi Richter

Broadcast live from New York’s Madison Square Garden, the sold-out show featured several major bouts, including a WWF Heavyweight title defense between Hulk Hogan and Greg Valentine. However, the special aired just one match from the MSG card; Wendi Richter defeating The Fabulous Moolah to capture the WWF Women’s Championship.

Based on Lauper’s involvement and the strength of the Richter-Moolah feud, “The Brawl To End It All” garnered MTV a 9.0 rating, the highest (at that time) in the history of the network. Six months later, just prior to WrestleMania 1, the two entities once again teamed up to present “The War To Settle The Score.”

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