Frank Gotch Defeats Stanislaus Zbyszko

by Mark Long

Stanislaus Zbyszko - historyofwrestling.comFrank Gotch defeated Stanislaus Zbyszko in six seconds of the first fall in a title match held in Chicago, Illinois. He followed up by gaining a second fall in just over 27 minutes with an arm bar ad a wrist lock. The loss was alleged to be Zbyszko’s first  in over 945 matches.

Zbyszko had defeated the champion in 1909 in a handicap match and thus was one of the few who could claim to be Gotch’s equal. In an article in the October 26, 1925 issue of the Denver Post, an article written by E. T. Kapp declared that Gotch dominated the Zybzsko, breaking ” all holds with
ease… and tossed the Pole around like a child.”