Ed “Strangler” Lewis Outlasts Joe Stecher in Chicago

by Mark Long

Strangler Lewis - historyofwrestling.comEd “Strangler” Lewis defeated Joe Stecher in 2:12:37. The match was set for a best out of three falls, with the provision that if no fall occurred within the fist hour and a half it would be decided by one fall. The match took place in Chicago, Illinois in front of  7,000 fans who paid a gate of $16,000.00.

The match was a brilliant exhibition of defensive skill on the part of Lewis who repeatedly escaped after being trapped in holds by Stecher. After refere announced that the match had surpassed the hour and a half point, Lewis went on the offensive. After breaking out of a scissor hold, the Strangler back-heeled his opponent and grabbed him in a flying headlock as they fell backwards onto the mat. After wrapping his legs around Joe, Lewis secured the pin. It was a great maneuver and resulted in the first clean loss of Stecher’s career.