Joe Stecher defeats Earl Caddock in New York City

by Mark Long

Joe Stecher - historyofwrestling.comJoe Stecher defeated Earl Caddock in New York City. The match was held in Madison Square Garden and drew a gate of $80,000 with an attendance of 10,000. The match was considered one of the greatest in wrestling history with both men boasting world championship caliber credentials.

While Caddock was the aggressor early on, he was eventually worn down by Stecher and got caught in a body scissors hold before being pinned in two hours and five minutes. Following the pin, Stecher extended his hand to help Caddock to his feet.  The former champion reciprocated the sportsmanship by shaking Stecher’s hand to the applause of the crowd. Stecher was paid $25,000.00 for the win with Caddock taking home $15,000.00.