Antonio Inoki Enters JWP

by Mark Long

Antonio Inoki - historyofwrestling.comKanji (Antonio) Inoki began his professional wrestling career, training with Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance (JWA) under the tutelage of wrestling legend Rikidōzan. Inoki, originally born to a well to do family in Japan, moved to Brazil after World War II, where he would garner acclaim as a high school athlete.

After meeting Rikidōzan at the age of 17, he began training at the JWA dojo in the same class  as fellow student Giant Baba. Inoki went on to become a huge international star and the owner of New Japan Pro Wrestling and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010.

(note: Inoki began his training in April 1960. The exact day of the month is unknown and just estimated).