Year 1963

by Mark Long

Cool Timeline

Lou Thesz Defeats Buddy Rogers for NWA Title
Buddy Rogers - Sam Muschnick - Lou Thesz -

Lou Thesz defeated Buddy Rogers in a controversial match to win the NWA World Championship. Because most title matches require a best out of three falls, Rogers disputed the title change. As well, Capital Wrestling, headed by Vincent J. McMahon, protested the title change and refused to recognize Thesz as…
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“Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers Defends WWWF Title Against Bobo Brazil
Buddy Rogers -

In what is generally recognized as the first-ever defense of the WWE title, "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers defeats Bobo Brazil in New Haven, Connecticut. Unbeknownst to the fans in attendance, Rogers had lost the NWA title to Lou Thesz the previous evening, but was still billed as the World champion…
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World Wide Wrestling Federation Formed
World Wide Wrestling Federation Formed

[caption id="attachment_3138" align="alignleft" width="191"] Vince McMahon Sr & Toots Mondt[/caption] The World Wide Wrestling Federation is formed on April 1, 1963. Promoters Vince McMahon, Sr., Toots Mondt and Willie Gilzenberg withdraw their Northeastern promotion, Capitol Wrestling, from the National Wrestling Alliance in response to Lou Thesz gaining a victory to retain his title over Buddy…
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Bobo Brazil Recognized as the WWWF United States Championship
Bobo Brazil -

Bobo Brazil was recognized as the first man to hold the WWWF United States Heavyweight Championship. Brazil had previously defeated NWA Champion Buddy Rogers for the NWA World Title on August 18, 1962, but refused the title when Rogers claimed to have suffered a groin injury. A doctor, however, determined…
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Bruno Sammartino Defeats Buddy Rogers for the WWWF Title
Bruno Sammartino - Buddy Rogers -

Bruno Sammartino defeats Buddy Rogers for the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship in 48 seconds with a backbreaker. Rogers would later claim that he had suffered a heart attack before the match. Sammartino would hold onto the belt for seven years and eight months.

The Destroyer Beats Rikidozan In Osaka, Japan
The Destroyer - Rikidozan -

The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) defeats Japanese great Rikidozan in Osaka, Japan. Rikidozan, who was considered by most to be the father of Japanese Professional Wrestling, was a huge international star and draw. The win, thus turned the Destroyer into a huge star in Japan.

Japanese Great Rikidozan Stabbed in Nightclub Incident
Rikidozan -

Japanese great Rikidozan was stabbed by gangster Katsuji Murata while at a nightclub in Tokyo, Japan. Rikidozan, considered the Father of Japanese Professional Wrestling received medical treatment and was expected to survive the encounter. In fact, members of the Yakuza (including Murata) met with him to apologize for the incident.…
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