The Dumont Network Airs Wrestling From Marigold

by Mark Long

Wrestling from the Marigold - historyofwrestling.comThe Dumont Network, which was the first television network to establish national broadcasts in America, airs the debut episode of, arguably, the most important TV program in professional wrestling history, “Wrestling from Marigold.” The catalyst for the unprecedented boom in the sport’s popularity during the “Golden Age” of the 1950s, promoter Fred Kohler’s “Wrestling from Marigold” also paved the way for Georgia Championship Wrestling, Monday Night Raw, Monday Nitro, Smackdown, AEW Dynamite and every other wrestling series that was aired nationally in the following decades. Broadcast live every Saturday night from the Marigold Arena on Chicago’s North side and hosted by legendary play-by-play man Jack Brickhouse and announcer Vince Lloyd, “Wrestling from Marigold” featured the biggest drawing cards of the era while also creating new stars that would soon become household names and, years later, all-time legends of the business.