Dick the Bruiser Defeats Freddie Blassie for the WWA Belt

by Mark Long

Dick the Bruiser - historyofwrestling.comDick the Bruiser (Dick Afflis) defeated “Classy” Freddie Blassie in Los Angeles, California to win the WWA World title. The Bruiser won in the best two out of three falls, pinning Blassie in the third. Dick defended the belt for three months before losing it to The Destroyer in Los Angeles. Although the Destroyer now held the belt, Afflis moved back to Indianapolis where he had launched the World Wrestling Association along with Wilbur Snyder, and defended their own Heavyweight belt (which they allowed fans to think was the same belt he had won in California) and a designation was thereafter created differentiating between the WWA World title (California) and the WWA World title (Indianapolis).